February 2019 Newsletter: what’s new?

Hi, and welcome CITIO’s inaugural monthly newsletter, where we’ll get to introduce our team as well as our latest features and achievements.

SETRAM hops on board!

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After the successful integration of the Algiers metro network, CITIO returns to Algeria to deploy the application for SETRAM, integrating their tramway networks in Algiers, Constantine, Oran, Sidi Bel Abbès, Ouargla and Sétif. This represents 200 tramways running every day!

We speak your language

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It’s ready! Cit.io is now available in french, to accommodate our french-speaking users. To change languages, simply click on the flag icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Color your world

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Colors are now available in cit.io! The transport lines of your network can now match the corresponding color in your graphics guidelines. This new feature provides a more intuitive design and a clearer view of different lines: you’ll recognize your network at first glance!

Meet Citio’s newest addition!

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Armelle just joined the team. As Chief Operating Officer, she is your key contact for any questions regarding the use of the application.

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