April 2019 Newsletter: what’s new?

Hi !

April has been a busy month for our team: new features have been deployed (commercial speed and travel time), and users can now contact us directly from the interface. Furthermore, Citio will expand westwards in the next months, and deploy the tool on new multimodal networks.

Citio expands westwards in France!

By the end of the year, Citio will be deployed in french west cities: Lorient, Angers and Brest. This is more than 70 bus lines, 5 marine lines and 2 tramway lines!

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New feature: “Commercial speed”

Two new features will help you to have a better overview of your network performance: travel time and commercial speed. From the line up to interstops, Citio also provides the opportunity to compare real performance to theoretical transport services.

Any question while using Citio?

You can now contact us directly from Citio, in one click! Quick response guaranteed!

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Learn more about our team…

Kiyan is our Front End engineer. Its primary mission is to make Citio ergonomic and user-friendly, by developing a clear and easy interface.

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