Latest news! July 2019

CITIO is moving out: from now on, you can find us at the center of Paris! We went this month to Algeria to help teams from Oran and Sidi Bel Abbès discover CITIO’s functionalities. Concerning our product: it is now possible to visualize validations per ticket type!

Discover our new premises!

We are moving to Morning Coworking, a workspace at the historic center of Paris. Come and meet us at 104 Rue de Richelieu, second arrondissement!

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New feature: discover validations per ticket type!

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                                    Validations per ticket type on Casablanca network

It is now possible to visualize on CITIO the validations per ticket type and to realize analyses according to users’ profile. The ticket types present on the interface are adjustable according to each network’s needs.

Onboarding at Oran and Sidi Bel Abbès!

We were very pleased to meet this month Oran and Sidi Bel Abbès teams to help them discover CITIO’s functioning. The opportunity to present CITIO to decision-makers, and to marketing and operation teams. The basics of a long-term onboarding in order to enable everyone to use CITIO in an easy and regular way!

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CITIO is hiring!

This month, we are looking for new talents to join our team: a data-scientist, an operation manager, and a sales manager. Come join a fast-growing start-up!

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