Dashboards created with the best web-standards to make your internal and external data actionable. Our easy-to-use solution enables collaborators to play a part in a transparent and shared “Data and Analytics” culture.


A continuous data integration ensures a rich and detailed viewing of transport flows and usage. Our algorithms retrace travelers' paths in order to dynamically assess the evolution of transport usage.


Customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that reflect real performance encourage an objective and enlightened decision-making. Quickly gain access to concrete and measurable results.

Available public transportation data

Our philosophy

Designed by a team of transport experts and data scientists, our solution aims to meet the needs of your business and data analysis questions.

Collaborating with our clients, it is tailored to fit with their ecosystem : DSP, contractual bus/metro/tram KPIs…

Together, we can build a solid foundation towards a connected and augmented city.

We increase data reliability and select the relevant information to assess your performance.

Data is anonymized and hosted in Belgium in a dedicated data lake, in compliance with the GDPR.

Access to the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is available with one click from any browser with access to an internet connection.

No technical expertise is required to use this solution.

It has been created by Data scientists experts and UX Designers for a simple ergonomy and the democratisation of data use.