View your ticket validation and operational data centralized and mapped on a single interface.

  • Monitor punctuality, availability and regulation indicators
  • Representation of boarding and unboarding validations
  • Comparison of scheduled and real travel times and projection of commercial speeds

Pragmatically reallocate resources to maximize network performance and reduce financial penalties.

 Maximize the operational performance of your network

Improve the operational performance of your network

Our machine learning algorithm analyses ticketing information to reconstitute a full overview of travel journeys.

  • Passenger flow on each network
  • Forecast points of unboarding
  • Understanding real-time usage

These analyses ensure a representative and accurate vision of passenger movements at a lower cost than traditional on-the-ground surveys.

Occupancy and dynamic replay

Dynamic review of day-to-day operations based on historical data, enabling you to assess a single network’s performance, as well as its onboard load.

  • Evolution of leads-delays
  • Analysis of recurring events on a network
  • Network capacity - overloaded, or underloaded
  • Replay a day of operation

Identify areas of dysfunction in your system, establish corrective measures, and kickstart a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.


Our predictive simulation algorithm generates alternative offer scenarios and projects future network performance.

  • Scenarios on modifying, adding or removing services
  • Instant simulation and comparisons of performance

Benefit from a simple performance viewing and a transparent common ground in order to easily exchange with all stakeholders.

We are here to help you 24/7

A unique, easy-to-use solution, based on rapid implementation.

No installation necessary

A 100% web-based solution.

Benefit from all of the advantages of SaaS, such as regular updates without service interruptions, and the capacity to adapt to growing data volumes.

Greater flexibility, while guaranteeing a robust and simple solution.

Unlimited access

Access to the SaaS solution (Software as a Service) is available with one click from any browser with an internet connection.

There are no restrictions on the number of users.

Target your users’ profiles and tailor their access for a personalized view, depending on their individual needs.

A dedicated support

A single support member will assist you in the evolution of your network and the understanding of the new mobility requirements.

A series of tutorials are available to facilitate understanding of our solution, and to help with the onboarding of new collaborators.

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