Citio Analytics

Access in a few clicks all the essential data of your network, aggregated and reliable:

  • Follow the ridership trends: origin-destination journeys and validations by ticket type, counting cells, ticketing occupancy reconstitution and overcrowded courses
  • Monitor operational performance indicators: travel time, punctuality, commercial speed and operated kilometers
  • Access all indicators in detail at stop and trip levels as well as for the entire network, from a quarter-hour to a full year
  • Visualize each service day with dynamic replay

All indicators are available in graphic or cartographic format and can be exported in .csv format

 Citio Analytics - Course module

Citio Fraud Tracker

Visualize the whole network fraud , for each vehicle and at each moment:

  • Identify precisely the lines and times where fraudsters are most numerous
  • Optimize control campaigns and monitor their short and long term impact
  • Map the controls performed and the fines' recovery
  • Track the progress of your monthly objectives
  • In the field, each team can view on a tablet or smartphone the estimated fraud for the next vehicle passages at nearby stops

Citio Mobility Planner

Optimize the match between mobility demand and the theoretical transport offer:

  • Identify and manage in the blink of an eye the places and times of network saturation
  • Diagnose the overowded regular lines and those that can be switched to Demand responsive transport (DRT)
  • Test and compare several scenarios for adapting the frequency of service
  • Evaluate the scenarios in terms of service quality, passenger satisfaction and operating costs

Citio Crowding API

Very easy to set up and use by your technical teams, our occupancy prediction API (programming interface) allows your IT system to automatically retrieve a detailed crowding estimate at each stop on an service day. Then:

  • Travelers can find out via your website or mobile app the predicted occupancy for each trip they are visualizing and ensure they will be able to meet physical distancing recommendations
  • They are thus encouraged to reschedule their trip, helping to flatten the curve of your network's crowding.

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