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Working with all players in the mobility sector, to enrich data and promote sustainable mobility.



Why we work with partners

Since 2018, we have been helping the 40 networks that trust us by providing them with turnkey and ergonomic tools to analyze data. In doing so, we have integrated many different systems, counting, ticketing, Systems for Operating Assistance and Passenger Information… We also work with consulting and digital services companies, who help authorities in various missions.

Aggregation of different data sources is part of Citio’s DNA. In this way, we allow the public transport authorities and mobility operators to access all the reliable information on their network. Our partners can share and cross-reference their data, better understand the quality of their equipment, and add innovative and differentiating technical expertise to their capabilities when they respond to a call for tenders or a request from their customer, operator or public authority.

Partners and integrated systems

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Our solutions

With Transport Analytics, you can dynamically monitor a large amount of public transport indicators 24/7. You may use them to optimize offers and operations. You can also continuously follow precisely the evolution of origin-destination data, with a large spatio-temporal framework.


Access a single, turnkey platform that centralizes all multi-source and multi-mode data and indicators. Design and manage a coherent and integrated global mobility policy. Follow travel in your territory and facilitate the complementarity of mobility offers.

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Rail Analytics is a unique platform allowing regions to optimize their regional train offers: monitor network traffic to better adapt offers, ensure the right allocation of rolling stock, anticipate purchase of new equipment, and monitor the quality of production as well as the execution of the offer.

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With Fraud Tracker, dynamically follow the evolution of fraud and obtain a more accurate analysis than with field surveys, thanks to the cross-referencing of counting and ticketing data. Thanks to our predictions, facilitate your teams’ work and optimize controls.

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Occupancy API, easy to integrate into a mobile app, improves passenger comfort, and therefore the network attractiveness, by providing reliable information on the number of on-board passengers. This data is used by users to plan routes, and allows the public transport authority and operator to regulate traffic.

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With Transport Planner, find and test the optimal transport offer: identify at a glance overloaded routes, places and times when the network is saturated, and test optimization hypotheses by increasing the frequency and comparing various service adaptation scenarios.

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The solution adapted to your context

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