Manage your anti-fraud actions with precision

With Fraud Tracker, reduce the fraud rate on your network with continuous monitoring and optimized field actions.



What is the SaaS Fraud Tracker software used for?

Thanks to Fraud Tracker, you can dynamically monitor fraud and its evolution within your public transport network, thanks to the cross-referencing of counting and validation data.


This ergonomic interface, developed by data and transport specialists, becomes an indispensable tool in the effective fight against fraud and to increase revenue. Fraud predictions at stops make it possible to strengthen the power of action of controllers in the field and their efficiency, by giving them indications on the places and priority times for controls.

Optimize controls to reduce fraud rate and increase revenue

Thanks to Fraud Tracker, teams will be able to have a tool for planning controls before and during field operations. They will also be able to identify the effects of actions after operations, without having to go to the field. The “Next passages” module is accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone, for daily use and in the field.


Features: Everything you can do with Fraud Tracker

A comprehensive vision to support campaigns

Illustration de planification des contrôles

Help in planning the control

Illustration de suivi de fraude des transports

Fraud monitoring and controls

Illustration de graphiques de prédiction de passages

Predictions in the “Next Passages” module

The dashboard provides an empirical, exhaustive and global vision of the main indicators concerning fraud and its evolution, at a glance.

Number of fraudulent climbs, checks carried out, fines issued, stations to be monitored as a priority: these indicators and their evolution, also visible in this summary, make it possible to understand the dynamics in progress on the network and to evaluate the effectiveness of operations.

You can, thanks to Fraud Tracker, identify the places and periods where the rate of fraud is high, and also the location of the controls already carried out. This allows you to plan the route of the control teams so that it is as efficient as possible.

Real-time forecasts anticipated fraud rates per station also make it possible to plan the route during the ongoing control operation.

With Fraud Tracker you can  follow both the evolution of fraud but also the actions to fight against it, that is to say the controls, the fines established as well as the recoveries.

You will be able to precisely know the number of fraudsters, fraud rate and the results of controls  by the quarter-hour, day, line and station. You will thus be able to identify the areas with a maximum of fraudsters and an optimal recovery rate to optimize control operations.

The “Next Passages” module makes it possible to effectively organize the fight against fraud in the field.


It is intended in particular for verification officers during their operations in the field, and makes it possible to estimate the number of passengers on board the vehicle which arrives at a given stop, and among these passengers, the number of fraudsters. Thus the teams can choose to control the vehicles with the most fraud on the descent.

Why our customers love Fraud Tracker

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Continuous control & fraud monitoring (D+1)

Icône blanche d'un bouclier avec un cadenas

Help with planning essential controls

Icône blanche de graphiques illustrant la croissance

Ergonomic, with graphic views & maps

Icône blanche d'une page avec des lignes de texte et une loupe

A better knowledge about fraud

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Fraud rate decrease in customers network

Why Fraud Tracker?

Fraud Tracker is the only tool that allows you to dynamically monitor the evolution of fraud and obtain more precise analyses than with field surveys. Facilitate the work of your teams, optimize controls and increase revenue by reducing fraud rate.


-9% fraud rate

on average, reduction observed among our customers who use Fraud Tracker

+ field efficiency

teams thanks to powerful tools and reliable fraud predictions

+25% fines

observed among our customers, thanks to more precise targeting

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The solution adapted to your context

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How do our customers use our solutions?