Use case - 15/05/2023


How to analyze the impacts of a restructuring in Brest with Citio?

How to analyze the impacts of a restructuring in Brest with Citio?

Key elements of the use case

Thanks to Transport Analytics, RD Brest was able to verify if the implemented offer restructuring had the expected effects by analyzing the impacts of this new offer on attendance, as well as travel times, without conducting a field survey!


As part of its contract, RD Brest committed to restructuring the Bibus transport network. It proposed simplifying routes, improving network readability, and preparing for the arrival of future tram and BHNS lines. Following the inauguration of the new network in January 2021, the operator wanted to analyze the performance of the new service to make any necessary adjustments.

This task was time-consuming and complex, requiring field surveys, data analysis, and service adjustments. That’s why they chose Transport Analytics to simply and efficiently analyze the impacts of the restructuring on travelers and identify necessary adaptations.


« Without Transport Analytics, we would not be able to quickly identify impacts of our new schedules on our customers and we would waste a lot of time and money on investigations (in the field).
The tool is therefore crucial in guiding our planning decisions and offer schedules that meet user expectations. »

Paul Gardey de Soos – CEO of RD Brest


  • A better understanding of the network
  • Time-saving for Bibus teams
  • Ability to adapt the service quickly
  • No costly and time-consuming field studies
  • Improvement of passenger satisfaction

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