Article - 24/05/2024

Audrey Fleurot

CITiO: mobility accelerator for AMP

CITiO: mobility accelerator for AMP

After five years working with a wide range of mobility organising authorities and operators in France, CITiO is now a trusted partner in the mobility sector. Our robust tools, developed over the course of many varied and fruitful partnerships in the mobility sector, along with our now-established reputation have led the Métropole d’Aix-Marseille-Provence (AMP) to make a strategic decision. It has decided to partner up with CITiO to optimise its mobility data management.

The challenges faced by AMP and the solutions proposed by CITiO

The Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolitan area, which has historically consisted of nine networks, faces the complex challenge of managing an extensive public transport network currently run by several operators. This year, AMP chose CITiO to implement simplified, continuous and reliable access to data from all its networks. The goal is ambitious: to feed information into the metropolitan area’s mobility monitoring systems, monitor service quality and optimise public transport provision. In an environment characterised by constant change, AMP’s goal is to obtain a complete overview of how its network is used through the 6.5 million journeys made every day.

The metropolitan area is varied and there are different operators. These complex, interlinking networks and the different data sources that vary in reliability and availability make it a real challenge for the AMP metropolitan area to gain a consolidated overview of mobility in the area it covers.

The challenge: drawing overarching conclusions despite the diversity of data

One of AMP’s major challenges is finding a way to draw global lessons from a broad range of data sources. This diversity arises from the existence of a large number of ticketing system and operations support system providers, from the presence or absence of certain types of data (open payment, counting, etc.) and from some data that are not sufficiently complete (e.g., some ticketing data missing). In addition, major formatting differences in the same data source can create data usability issues (e.g; presence or absence of layout and theoretical timetables in operations support systems data) Across all these points, CITiO brings precious added value through the provision of standardised information for all networks via its web application, featuring an interface designed to be accessible to all.

Within the teams: using the data to help everyone

Within the metropolitan area, there is a shared need to exploit the data, whether for staff who are experts in the field or complete beginners; whether they work in IT, marketing or other departments. CITiO is committed to meeting these needs by providing tailored solutions to exploit mobility data effectively within the metropolitan area.

The CITiO solution: Transport Analytics

CITiO provides a Transport Analytics solution for the AMP metropolitan area. This simple, dynamic, rapid and intuitive interface gives AMP rapid and secure access to its data, including GTFS, operations support system, automatic counting and ticketing data: journeys are reconstructed in detail over the whole geographical area with origin-destination matrices available every 15 minutes. Thanks to CITiO’s expertise, the AMP metropolitan area can base its decision-making on reliable information as CITiO’s algorithms can reconstruct journeys accurately. 

(with a 90% accuracy rate for OD and journeys).

A promising partnership

The Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolitan area has chosen to work with CITiO to meet its mobility needs. This new partnership demonstrates the level of confidence the authorities responsible for mobility place in CITiO thanks to its expertise and its ability to meet the complex challenges of the public transport sector. 

We are proud that the AMP metropolitan area has chosen CITiO to implement and integrate its networks and we are convinced that this will contribute to an even more efficient and dependable future for public transport in the Aix-Marseille-Provence area.

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Audrey Fleurot