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Audrey Fleurot

Improving the passenger experience: CITiO responds to mobility and security needs

Improving the passenger experience: CITiO responds to mobility and security needs

At a time when urban mobility is undergoing rapid transformation, understanding the needs and expectations of passengers is now more of a priority than ever for actors in the public transport sector. The challenges of improving user experience in public transport lie at the heart of the debate, prompting companies to develop solutions that respond directly to the everyday concerns of users. In this constantly evolving landscape, CITiO stands out for its targeted approach to improving journey planning and overcrowding management, thus meeting the needs of modern passengers.

Understanding passenger expectations: studies and discoveries

Insights from the RATP Dev and Keoscopie Studies into Urban Mobility

An international study undertaken by RATP Dev, involving 7,930 people in 11 countries, highlights a specific demand for services that improve the quality of journeys on public transport, notably in terms of information on crowding on board vehicles. Similarly, the Keoscopie study conducted by Keolis underlines the importance of digital technologies in urban mobility with 69% of those surveyed stating that their smart phones make their daily journeys easier.

In light of these findings, the tools developed by CITiO, such as Transport Analytics and Occupancy API, offer tailored responses to these needs. Transport Analytics provides a detailed analysis of the use of transport networks that enables optimised management based on accurate data. Occupancy API, by forecasting vehicle occupancy, enables passengers to plan their journeys better, thereby improving their travel experience.

Security and integrity in public transport

CITiO’s Fraud Tracker: fighting fraud for a secure experience

Another crucial aspect of the user experience in public transport is the security and integrity of the payment system. Regarding this, a recent mobility monitoring study showed that 79% of respondents would like to see more action taken against fraud on public transport. The response to this major concern for users comes in the form of CITiO’s Fraud Tracker solution, an advanced platform designed to help operators efffectively detect and reduce fraud.

Fraud Tracker uses predictive data and analyses to identify potential fraud schemes so operators can take proactive measures to secure their revenue and reinforce user confidence. By providing a clear picture of fraudulent behaviour and making it easier to manage, this solution is very much part of the global endeavour to make public transport systems safer and fairer for everyone.

CITiO’s commitment to improved urban mobility

Integrating the insights from Mobility Monitoring for digital transformation

The tools developed by CITiO, including Transport Analytics, Occupancy API, and now Fraud Tracker, reflect an in-depth understanding of today’s challenges when it comes to urban mobility and user expectations. By combining real-time information on crowding with advanced fraud analysis, CITiO offers a range of solutions that make a significant contribution to improving the passenger experience while also meeting security requirements and ensuring operational efficiency.

By integrating the insights from mobility monitoring, CITiO shows its commitment to addressing the different facets of the mobility experience. By implementing advanced technological solutions, CITiO plays an important role in transforming public transport and moving towards more responsive, secure management in line with user needs and expectations in the digital era.

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Audrey Fleurot