Article - 23/03/2023


Interview with Armelle Chenevez, Director of Operations: what is user and customer support at Citio?

Interview with Armelle Chenevez, Director of Operations: what is user and customer support at Citio?

Why do users need support? Is it necessary for using CITiO tools?

[Armelle Chenevez, AC] The strength of CITiO tools lies in their ergonomics and ease of use, even though the input information is complex. Therefore, it is crucial for our team to accompany each user. In fact, CITiO is often considered a trusted third party between different stakeholders. This increases the need to provide tailored support to create this environment of trust.

Our team intervenes at several levels:

  • During the implementation of our tools, we rely on the expertise of our Data Science teams to support our clients’ Data Managers in detecting and resolving data-related anomalies.
  • We organize in-person trainings to facilitate the tool’s use, during which we review very practical usage cases. In the first semester of 2022, we supported 9 new networks in using CITiO.
  • We provide individual support to each user’s specific use cases, such as how to use the tool to understand the impact of implementing a new bus lane on travel times and workload. Since the beginning of the year, we have conducted +80 personalized interviews!
  • We organize user clubs and webinars to allow users to give feedback on their usage, needs, and vision of our roadmap. It’s also an opportunity for users to exchange best practices and major use cases.
  • Finally, our tool is evolving rapidly! New features are made available very frequently, and it is our role to promote them to everyone so that they are taken up by each interested party.

In conclusion, I am convinced that the implementation of tools such as those offered by CITiO helps local authorities and operators to develop a culture of data and objective decision-making within their organization. It is a very appreciated benefit among our current clients and highly anticipated among our future clients!

Why is supporting users important to you?

[AC] The answer is quite simple actually: when a user explains to you that they have saved time, have been praised by their peers for their responsiveness and accuracy, have proposed improvement ideas to streamline their transport network… How can you not be proud of the work accomplished?

When you indirectly make someone’s daily life easier and, in turn, that of passengers, you know why you get up in the morning! User satisfaction is, I believe, our daily fuel. In fact, 100% of our clients renewed their license in 2021, a great success for the team!

What makes your support strong?

[AC] In my opinion, we develop three strong points at CITiO: our proximity, our responsiveness, and our business expertise.

Our proximity: At CITiO, we identify an Operations Manager from the start of the project, who is the unique point of contact for each of our clients. All requests (functional or technical) go through this contact, starting from the implementation phase of our tools. Our clients and users know who to contact, and above all, know that their contact person knows their issues, challenges, and needs. In addition, we go to the field every semester to meet each of our contacts in person. For example, we conducted 18 field visits in the first semester of 2022. Human contact above all!

Our responsiveness: With a Customer Experience team dedicated to supporting clients, we are able to guarantee a great responsiveness, highly appreciated by our users. The specialists who make up the team are meticulous and well-organized, and above all, hate leaving a user without an answer!

Our business expertise: The Customer Experience team knows inside out the technical issues (especially those related to data) that our clients are used to encountering. In addition, they are daily supported by about twenty data scientists, engineers, and developers, ready to answer our questions. The size of our structure and the agile mode of operation allow us to ensure effective internal responsiveness.

Furthermore, our team is daily supported by a transportation and mobility expert, with more than 12 years of experience at a transportation operator and who supports users on very specific business issues.

What are the overall feedback from your users on your support?

[AC] First of all, I think that our NPS score of 43 is an objective indicator of the satisfaction of our users. Our main users are gradually becoming CITiO ambassadors, allowing us to increase our client portfolio.

Finally, I would like to share this quote that represents, I think, the general satisfaction of users with our support: “The CITiO team is always listening, with excellent responsiveness and effectiveness to answer our questions and issues. Plus, the friendliness on top of that, which doesn’t hurt!”.


Supporting you, helping you reach your goals, is fulfilling CITiO’s mission and giving meaning to our work.