Article - 05/05/2023


Citio selected to participate in Reach Project for predicting bus occupancy in Bilbao

Citio selected to participate in Reach Project for predicting bus occupancy in Bilbao

UPDATE: Citio selected in top 10 best projects by REACH Project and THE best project for Bilbobus !

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Citio, a leading transportation technology company, has been recently selected to participate in the Reach project for “Demand Analysis and Occupancy Prediction in Bilbobus”. Bilbobus is the urban bus service in the city of Bilbao.

What is the purpose of this project?

The project aims to improve sustainable mobility in the Spanish city of Bilbao.

To achieve it, data analysis and deep learning will be used to predict the occupancy levels of urban buses in real-time. The goal is to study how often people use buses each day, to analyse the demand. This will help to infer Origin-Destination matrices based on mobility patterns. We can then use this information to predict how full buses will be each day and in real-time.

The project is particularly relevant in the post-COVID era, where the occupancy level of public transportation is of great concern to both public administrations and transport operators, but also to travellers.

The difficulty is to know where and when the passengers get off the bus as they only register when they get on the bus. However, by using ticketing information and other data sources, the project will develop an algorithm to infer get-offs in each stop and the consequent bus occupation.

What could be Citio’s contribution in this project ?

Citio’s contribution to the project could be in the development of a transport occupancy prediction model based on artificial intelligence and big data algorithms. The output of the model will be a prediction of future occupancy at three levels: next days, next expeditions (current day), and next stops (current expedition).

How can this project help the city of Bilbao?

The project is part of Bilbao’s commitment to sustainable mobility, which is very strong according to a study conducted by Greenpeace. By improving the occupancy prediction of urban buses, the project will help the city achieve its sustainability goals while providing a better user experience for public transportation users.

What is the REACH Project?

REACH, the “EuRopEAn incubator for trusted and secure data value Chains”, is a project funded by the European Commission to accelerate data-driven innovation in Europe. Its vision is to create a Common European Data Space and develop the European Data Market. More information on REACH Project here after:

Citio is excited to be part and looks forward to contributing its expertise in transportation technology to improve sustainable mobility in Bilbao thanks to REACH.